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Our Addiction Recovery Center Will Help You Stay Sober in the Long-Term

Many people think that the main reason to go to a substance abuse treatment facility is so they can detox. Of course, this is one of the most important and initial stages of addiction recovery. Since you can't start working toward lifelong sobriety if you aren't sober to start with, you should know Overbrooke Recovery focuses on far more than just the short-term at our addiction recovery facility in St. Charles, Illinois. Instead, we do what we can to help our clients work towards a life that doesn’t involve drugs or alcohol. If you dream of living unhindered and need help, contact our St. Charles drug rehab today to find out more about our program.

When You First Arrive at Our Addiction Recovery Center

If you are thinking about giving our addiction recovery program a try, you might be wondering what you can expect. After spending years using drugs or alcohol, the idea of getting sober may be frightening. If you have ever gone through rehab in the past and suffered from serious withdrawal symptoms, you might be nervous about going through the same process again. Luckily, our St. Charles drug detox center will help you from the minute you arrive at our facility.

Our very first step will be to focus on getting you off your dependence in the safest and most comfortable way possible. Due to our wide experience with clients with various addiction issues, we understand just how unpleasant this can be. This is why we only employ the finest, most experienced and compassionate staff members. These individuals will work with you, supervise you, and help you stay comfortable. We strive to help you feel safe so that you can focus on getting sober and changing your life.

How Our Addiction Treatment Center Will Help You Prepare for the Future

Eliminating your dependence is only the first step. Our main goal is to help you stay sober long-term. This is why our St. Charles drug rehab facility focuses on everything from making sure underlying mental health issues are addressed if they are present to providing support to help you focus on your future.

You will have the opportunity to meet with others in our St. Charles drug rehab clinic who are in similar situations as your own. This can be incredibly helpful since it can give you the opportunity to focus on helping others, and allowing you to gain support from people who know exactly what you are going through.

Along with providing counseling sessions, classes, and more while you’re here, we will talk to you about your plans for the future once you leave our facility. Your addiction care can’t stop just because you leave here, we will help provide you with resources and a carefully constructed aftercare plan for long-term sobriety. It is a tough road, but with our help and your dedication, you can finally work towards a life of happiness and fulfillment.

It is so easy to feel helpless when you are suffering from a drug addiction. You might have even sought help in the past, only to find yourself falling back into the same issues. We don’t just focus on ridding you of your physical dependence. Instead, we focus on helping you stay sober for a lifetime. If you are ready to move toward this positive life with the help of our caring and compassionate team of addiction recovery staff, contact Overbrooke today at our addiction treatment facility in St. Charles, Illinois today. There is no time to waste, call us today for a free consultation.

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