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About Overbooke Rehabilitation Center

We believe in you, you don’t need to do this alone.

At Overbrooke Rehab, we implement a variety of addiction treatment techniques with unprecedented care and empathy.

With supervised detox, dual diagnosis mental health treatment, individual and group therapy, customized treatment plans, and carefully crafted aftercare programs, our clients are able to liberate themselves from their addiction and full and healthy lives.

Our trained, experienced, and professional addiction specialists are passionate and committed to helping people like you overcome their problems with genuine care.

Dual Diagnosis

Nearly half of all people with an addiction also have an underlying and contributing mental illness. To fully recover from an addiction, addiction specialists, must take into account your overall mental health which often hold the root causes of substance abuse.

You will find out what you need to have the most effective recovery during one-on-one sessions with your personal counselor. With your mental health healing and recovering, you will feel how good it truly feels to be alive.

Our Services

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